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Harkins Theatres is proud to offer complimentary on-screen public service announcements (PSAs) to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve. Our PSA schedule is divided into pre-determined four-week flights (date ranges). Qualifying organizations may apply for one PSA flight every 12 months and may select up to six theatre locations. PSAs are granted on a first come first served basis to qualifying organizations.

Please complete the below application to be considered for the Harkins Theatres PSA Program.

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Public Service Announcements will not be accepted for advertising tobacco, alcohol, firearms, birth control, family planning or religious recruitment. Public Service Announcements may not include logos outside of the organization requesting the PSA and the required Harkins Theatres Ultimate Moviegoing logo provided unless approved by Harkins Theatres.

Harkins Theatres reserves the right to refuse any content and may ask for revisions. If you have any further questions about donations, please e-mail If you are inquiring about a meeting or scheduling an event, please click here for more information.